Prison Yoga + Meditation

Web Design and Development
February 2022 Prison Yoga + Meditation

Prison Yoga + Meditation (PY+M) is a Los Angeles Based non-profit organization on a mission to promote peace to prisoners by bringing them trauma-informed yoga and meditations. I rebranded their website with their goal in mind to raise $4k and promote their new book.

The initial impressions of PY+M’s was very heavy and dark, as if it were really trying to embody the weight of the word “suffering” through the site. As the designer, I took a different approach by introducing a visual language that induced feelings of healing, peace, and compassion.

With the website re-design, I ensured the users were able to smoothly navigate through the site, feel comfortable and at ease while browsing, and know exactly where to go for whatever actions they wanted to take.

I additionally created some promotional post cards to be passed around the greater Los Angeles area.